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We’ve just wrapped up the June/July issue, and it should be landing in your mailbox shortly. It’s our annual...

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Got Milkweed?

If asked to name one type of butterfly, most Canadians would likely respond: “monarch.” The brightly coloured insect was...

No Fooling?

On April 1st, a new federal law came into place banning the use of asbestos in renovation and building...


And the winner is…

Long-time readers of the magazine will likely recognize Andy Goyda of Owens Corning Canada. Over the years he’s written a...

There’s An App For That

By now, every renovator knows the true value of a smartphone. And while not every app is worth downloading...

Feuding Families

There’s nothing worse than landing in the middle of a battle of warring neighbours There’s nothing worse than landing in...



June/July Issue

Kitchens & Baths – The Outdoors Edition

Including the Durable Dozen-12 long-lasting exterior building products and Boffo Backyards. Plus, we tested three shower system kits, help you get cash for your trash, reveal the latest Recall Roundup, and a lot more.


April/May Issue

It’s our fifth-anniversary, and we celebrated by re-interviewing some past profile subjects to see how their business has changed. Plus, we show you how to disaster-proof your projects.


February/March Issue

Our fifth-annual Money Issue includes a feature on contractors insurance, a recap of our 2015 Renovators’ Roundtable, and lots more.


December/January Issue

It’s the kitchens and baths issue. Plus we test jobsite vacuums, and encourage you to sign a petition to stop parking authorities from ticketing contractors on the job. Give us a break Lovely Rita!


October/November Issue

We review the top new vans and trucks for 2016, the hottest new hand tools on the market, and plenty more.